Title Insurance Premiums

Owners policies are issued for the full value of the property including encumbrances.

Loan policies are issued for not less than the amount of the loan.

A commitment to ensure is issued for $ 100.00.

Owner`s Policies Reissue Rates. If property has been previously insured under an owner`s or leasehold owner`s policy, the reissue schedule is:

  • Age OF Previous Owner`s/ Leasehold Owner`s policy Percentage Of Basic Premium Rates

  • 1 Year or less 75 %

  • More than a year but less than 2 years 80 %

  • 2 years or more but less than 3 years 85 %

  • 3 years or more 90 %

If more insurance is desired or required under the reissue policy than was written in the original policy, the additional coverage is computed at the Basic Premium Rate in the applicable bracket or brackets. The rate for a loan policy simultaneously issued with an owner`s policy will be $ 30.00 provided the amount of insurance in the loan policy does not exceed the owner`s policy liability amount. Construction loan policies are issued for $ 30.00 plus $ 1.00 per thousand of liability. For rates on Substation Loans (Refinance), Second Mortgages or Subsequent Issues please contact us.

Click below for the title insurance premium charts:

Title Insurance Premiums 2018